10 Tips for Traveling Europe

10 Tips for Traveling Europe

Many people look forward to a trip travelling Europe as it is one of the most diverse continents. However, you need to do some research before you start your journey to Europe so that you can be well educated and prepared for the journey. Here are top 10 travel tips that will help you enjoy your trip:

1. Look for an inter-European flight to get you to your European dream destination. Did you know that flying from one European country to another is dirt cheap? If you never knew, then it is good you found this article.

europe map - 5thavenuecafe.com
europe map – 5thavenuecafe.com

2. Work with an agent- it is usually a good idea to work with a travel agent who specializes in tours to Europe. The agent will turn your trip into a memorable experience and help you get the best deals. Remember Europe is a big continent and so we advise that you speak to a specialist agent who has done the type of travelling you want to achieve with your travels.

3. Ensure that you have all of your papers including passports, visa, air fare tickets and so on. The last thing you want is a passport crisis at the airport last minute. Nobody wants to be that person that causes a scene in the airport because you have passport issues. You will never live down the inconvenience caused, even if you board and make the flight.

4. Familiarize yourself with the customs and laws of the areas you will be visiting so that you know what is expected of you.

5. Avoid keeping your funds located in one place on your person- This will ensure that you are not without money in case it is stolen.

6. Determine where it is that you really want to visit. Doing this will help you save time and money as you will be able to plan your trips and also choose the best means of travel in advance.

7. Travel light – travelling light will help you save money as you will avoid baggage fees. It is also frustrating and impractical to carry a bunch of stuff around Europe with you.

paris - 5thavenuecafe.com
paris – 5thavenuecafe.com

8. Plan for unexpected expenses. For example, when we visited the UK we stumbled upon this cool company called Digital Cubed in which is a very cool company 3d printing company (I have left their facebook details below). I did not expect to run into the owner and founder and such was grateful when I have extra expenses planned. Whenever you travel to Europe, plan out expected expenses and round everything up to avoid being overwhelmed by expenses. Make sure to carry an extra card or two such as an Amex or MasterCard which can get you out of trouble, if you need it.

9. Check for restaurant reviews- Doing this will help you choose the best and affordable restaurants in Europe so that you can avoid randomly wandering into restaurants that serve sub-par food.

prague - 5thavenuecafe.com
prague – 5thavenuecafe.com

10. If you will be renting a car, be aware of the different national laws. Some countries such as Cyprus, Ireland and parts of England require driving on the left-hand side of the road.

To find out more about the company mentioned in my snippet about the trip to London, check out their facebook page at digital cubed 3d printing. You can also find more details on all the other companies and features by clicking on their links and finding out more.

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Great shopping around Europe

Hi guys, welcome back to another post. I know there has been some radio silence since we last posted and we appreciate all the love and support you guys always give us when we spend some time away from the computer and posts. Nevertheless, we have a great set of articles and blogs lined up for you the next coming months from the travel and R&D we have been doing around the world, namely Europe and namely spending a lot of money shopping in the name of product research.

Having said that, here is our entire inventory of places we travelled to and the types of items and tech we either bought or was exposed to. We firstly started in Cyprus, this is a great country divided by two past conflicts which leave both Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot in two parts on this island. We do some amazing shopping for jewellery, cigars and great food here.

cypus boat
cypus boat

We next visit the beautiful city of Venice where we are taken aback by the amazing scenery, the history, incredible shopping and of course, the world-renowned Murano Glass made in the Venetian island of Murano. We picked up some very awesome tips and tricks here on when, how and where to buy any of these incredible one-of-a-kind glass art pieces.

venice by night
venice by night

From beautiful Venice we travel to beautiful Monaco where we indulge in some high-end shopping, sightseeing and nightlife. We have a lot to catch-up on with our trip around the southern coast of France. One of our most requested trips to cover due to the shopping (Gucci shopping sprees) and sights, we definitely have plenty to reveal in the post.

We then make our way to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, London, where we try our hands at exclusive 3D Printing with some of the UK’s largest 3d printing companies and distributors to find out a bit more about the technology and what we can expect in the future for us in a 3d printed world. We also do a review of the changing skyline London is offering in this new age on tech investments, startup and all thing technology based.

amsterdam canal
amsterdam canal

We ultimately end our trip in Amsterdam where the Dutch are leading a revolutionary line when it comes to innovation and technology. Now we all know Amsterdam and the Dutch are as open-minded as they come, I mean anyone that has spent any amount of time in their cities will know there are things that happen legally there that is hard to consider happening in any other city around the world. Any so to conclude our 14-day trip, we decided that Amsterdam would be the best place for a number of different reasons, not least being the fact that they take the development of humanity and technologies such as 3d printing and augmented reality very seriously. So-much-so that the Dutch government have pledged a massive 2.3 billion Euros in helping, funding and seeding small investment companies and entrepreneurs alike to create and set up shop in the Netherlands and most particularly Amsterdam.

That is how our journey is planned out in blog form and that is how we spent the time away researching and researching and developing different ideas and technologies. Until the next blog, all the best.


Simon Cheshire

We are back with a bigger menu, more reviews and more

Hey, commited fans! I know, we are sorry for the disappearing act, it has been a while since we last posted and there are great reasons for that. First, as you have most probably noticed, our website has been newly designed and reshaped as part of our new rebranding of the site and company – what do you think of it? We hope you like it, we put a lot of effort into making sure the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

Clear Road
Clear Road


We have also spent a lot of time finding and collaborating with the best heads in the industry when it comes to luxury food, travel and shopping. Some of the article creators and content managers are the best in their field at what they do, it is really that simple. So what can you expect from the new site, contact and employees and freelancers we’ve brought onboard?

Picture times
Picture times

For a start, you can expect regular, high quality, well thought out content pushed to your inbox (should you want it and subscribe). You can expect lots of competitions and ways of us giving back to our dedicated following and fans. You can expect more relevant content from our main topics and a few new ones that we are spreading into and building out.

Please keep showing us love and support by following this page, sharing it with all our friends and also checking back regularly for new exciting content. We have a strong belief that if you want something improved than you need to do it yourself. Please browse through the site and check out all the content we have here. We have a heap of content also saved and stored in the ‘archive’ area so also have a peruse through there if that is something that interests you. Remeber to share and leave a comment below letting us know your favourite feature of the site and if you want to get in touch with us then you can do so right here at our Contact Us page. Be safe!